Mira presents: Mathemagic

In the ancient times, a Mathemagician named Professor Pi, created the formula of happiness. There was only one tribe who he trusted with this formula: The Rotori’s! According to his calculations, this is the perfect moment to share this formula with the world.

(Psytrance + Dub + House) + Soundsystem² / (250 ppl + 8hrs) = MIRA MATHEMAGIC

An interactive party in a brand new venue located in Rotterdam, Fruitvis. Mira is about connecting and expanding your horizons. There will be workshops, performances, art and big variety of music genres blasting on a quadratic sound system.
With a mathemagic theme and psychedelic touch we invite you to join our exclusive algebracadabra!

❃ T.B.A.

❃ Pressure Drop Soundsystem
❃ T.B.A.

❃ T.B.A.

❃ T.B.A.

Presale: €6,50
Door: €10,-