Opera House presents Vojak’s ‘Maiden Catastrophe’

Vojak is the three-member musical body, consisting of Mathijs Mens, Tommy van Leuken and Bram ‘t Hart, inviting you to feast on the broad array of smashes and rumbles and whispers and echoes and all else to be found on their recordings for “Maiden Catastrophe”.
The foundations were laid in 2018, when the three musicians first explored their now distinct sound, through working out the beat-driven melancholic passages that evolved from collective improvisation.
Drums, keys and bass seemingly become one within their shape-shifting conversation. Expect to be struck by a feverish roar just as you start falling back onto a hymn as gentle as can be.

Grown George is lifting the veil to give us a first glance at the productions from his soon to appear experimental hip-hop record “B4 The Madness”. Reflecting over thorough beats that might just entrance you for a while, his humble voice will light your way through the dark.

Jack Hippo’s bedroom has been the birthplace of many hard-hitting kick drums and catchy grooves. He manoeuvres through genres without warning and always seems to have a card up his sleeve.
On the night he will deliver his first public performance and we’re curious as to what tricks he’s going to pull on us this time. The tunes he’s letting us have a taste of, will be brought to you on Opera House later this year.

Longing for a more adventurous musical landscape within the geographics of the label’s hometown Rotterdam, Opera House unravels the spectrum of sonic approaches brewing up around town and beyond.


Graphic design by Stans Vrijsen

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